Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Bloggers Birthday

Wow, It is my 22nd birthday, I am not having any big preparations, I just want to be with my family (Its a little corny though), but I have to admit it. My Birthday since I graduated from school, It is different when I am still a student, Now, I think to budget my expenses instead of buying or asking gifts for everyone.

It was still an Ordinary Day at work, I have to finish my projects and everything. I am writing these post just to remind of myself that a year has passed and I believe that it will again a great year for me, though I have some struggles beforehand. I know I must be strong to myself. Some may not like or agree with me but I must handle this situations of great honor and dignity (A line from a movie). Well thats life.

My birthday wish you may ask? (I really never think of that stuff until someone ask me to). Now that you mention it, My wish will be more strength to face again my struggles in life (We all have problems in life). Just to be positive at all times and never get affected by people who may or will hurt or reject you in the past or in the future. (Its a long story), Anywayz , I still got to blow my candles here.=)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

About Me

(Sorry for the inconvenience...I think


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