Sunday, August 31, 2008

Purpose In Life

I have this kind of thinking since I was little, I remember the time when I was asked what will I like to become when I grow up. I did have a lot in mind at that time when I was a kid, dreams like I want to be a doctor, pilot, astronaut!(yes, really). But as I have grown, these things are narrowing down to the point that you will get sidetracked or lost in the middle. Many people I've known want to have a stable life, great relationships, car, money, etc. This things are also part of my goals but seeing the big picture, these are just "things".

Though I have my goals in life, Having a purpose is different, its more like a deeper feeling of certain mission or the word itself "purpose". More of a personal accomplishments out of monetary earnings or material things gathered but more of a self realization and understanding of life itself (Though Im still a bit young understanding these things). I believe certain challenges will come into our lives whether in family, relationship , work , self and finances, I believe that our purpose in life will be our stand

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Why Women Blog More Than Men?

Is it me or its just more women know more how to blog than men do. As I was blog hopping recently, I have found out that most of the blogs I've read are from girls (no offense) its not that really bad though. I already know that women are more expressive than guys generally. But does that mean that they are the more dominant population in the bloggersphere?

I am a guy for the record. I do found some blog created by guys (which are few).What I have observed is that men's blogs are more technical/informational than women. The contents also contain more like of an article rather than a journal/diary which women usually post in their blogs. It seems that women more expressive in their personal lives, they are also good at interacting with other bloggers or should I say attract more attention (Like beatutiful profile pictures included..hehe). They can easily capture the attention of the readers/bloggers because many readers can relate what they post generally for women.

Also men are more like to act rather than talk/write which is a nature to as guys. We are also preoccupied by our work or other leisures (sports, tv, girls, newspapers, etc). Most men bloggers are those who are in the IT/computer society (programmers, web designers, SEO, etc) which I proudly belong to. Most women that are stay home moms also dominate the blogosphere, some say it is their way of doing something or not get bored at home. Some women bloggers blog in order to meet someone with similar traits/characteristics as theirs. Men bloggers generally blog to search for information/news (not pron I hope).

Anyways, that's all I have in mind, maybe you can help suggest/comment your views about this. :-)

Friday, August 29, 2008

I love my hair

Who doesnt love their hair?, it is a first thing a person will beside the face. They say that a hair can reflect a persons personality in terms of how they fix it. Having a nice hair is really good to look specially at girls who always comb their hair , I personally prefer girls who have clean hair. For guys, its a different thing, we would want it clean and manageable, having a good hair reflects our confidence and also girls like it too. one of the fears of men (including me) is the loss of hair, there is nothing worst than to be hairless specially at early age. Thats why a reviews of provillus suggest that before it is too late you must use a product that will prevent the early loss of hair.And this product really works... visit site

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another Day In The Office 2

I am on my 1st year anniversary in this company, my previous post tells how I get this job. Anyways, knowing this, I am thinking what I have accomplished so far since I started this job, many things really happened since that day not only in my worklife but in life in general as well. From programming to scripting, servers, SEO, SEM, etc.

The most important accomplishment really for me is being involved in the blogospehere (Blog World). I have been wondering how I get into this blogging thing, As a person, I am not really fond of talking about my self to everyone (Not expressive you may say). But I dont know, When I started blogging, it just became a habit of mine. Though I have been trying hard to post something meaningful (I have a little issue about my writing skills). But since that, Its been a natural thing for me to blog. Its also fun to read other peoples blog about there experiences, concerns and opinions.

Right now, I am writing this blog in the office (Shhhh). Time is really fast.I really don't know what will happen in the future but I believe that more challenges will come into my life and I'll handle each and everyone of them with courage (sounds corny though but true). Anyways, I'm back to my routine. thanks for spending your time to read this( If someone reads it, peace ) .

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Grade School Students Caught Shoplifting

I try to find news about this incident in the newspapers and internet, I'm having a hunch that it will be a media frenzy incident. Though I failed to find some news about it, the reason why I'm interested is that I see it with my two eyes how this kids are caught in the act.

It was noon time, After I finish my lunch, I head out for a little walk in downtown. It was really an ordinary till I saw a baranggay multicab with police, it is also easy to notice as many people are gathering in the area. I was shocked to see grade school pupils (girls about grade 1 -2 ages 7-9 I think)handled by the police in the multicab. They are caught shoplifting in the fuente mercury drug store!!, the students are still in their school uniform when they are caught, they were about 5-6 (I didnt see clearly as many people are gathering).

I listen to other people saying that they are shoplifting hiding the goods/products under their uniforms!, they were caught by the guard and held until the authorities arrived. It is very sad to watch as the students cried begging not to do it again, watching them as they are escorted to the multicab. Is this really what has become of our children, though some bystanders said that it they did just for fun (huh?!) and the police are just gonna release them eventually(thats a relief).

I just think what if my future son/daughter to be will be in that predicament, which I cannot stand for. Witnessing this incident shows how important that we must guide our young ones closely.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Home Builders

As a young professional, I always dreamed of having my own house in the future, I mean , while I am still young and able to work at my peak, I want to establish myself financially. Having my own house is dream come true for me, though it is not easy today especially because of the global economic crisis. There are many out there selling their houses at a low cost. But personally, I prefer to have my own design house that is build from scratch.

Choosing your ideal house and building it is very much different. It is not that easy to build your house alone and let inexperience people do the job. The Lincoln University home builders is a top choice for those who want to build their dream house and do it well. From the start of the structure till its finishing, the company offers various service from house remodeling, decorating, adding gadgets and more. They offer quality services and it is known by many. They are experts in terms of housing projects and beautiful architectural works.

It is also wise to know what you want in terms of you dream house and that's what company is here for, they give you good advise on housing and certain design matters which matters if you prefer to have your own description and design. It is also important to hire the right professional for the job in which the company has to offer. Building a house is like building a project and you've got to be in the right track in terms of hiring professionals to do the right job for you.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Kinds Of Love

I just recently found this article somewhere in the internet, though I am not really an expert about this stuff. I found this article interesting. I've read about this kind of topic in many blogs/websites but this enumerations of love is in a biblical perspective which is seldom known by individuals (I hope not), you can comment or object anything you want here, anyways, here are the lists.

Many Kinds of Love

Ideally, we find Romantic love between one man and one woman. We write poetry about it. It may end beautifully or tragically. We get to know each other in order to form a lasting and mutual relationship. We can find an example of a romantic love in marriages that last even into old age. Most marriages start out with romantic love, but only the strongest are those that last. Successful marriages developed into quite a different kind of love.

Lustful love usually ends up hurting someone. It’s the one mentioned in the Bible with David and Bathsheba. David sent Uriah into full account of the battle so he would die. Lustful love is the kind that ruins lives and reputations. We find it in adultery and fornication. It cares only about sex. Now I do not want to hurt anyone. I just want to expose a very dangerous happening that we falsely called love.

Selfish love cannot be legitimate, unless it comes from the Almighty. People are not perfect enough for it and so we cannot demand it. God insists on it for Himself. He wants our whole devotion so we can live a high-quality life. You see He wants the best for us. The Bible is about His selfish love, and only He can require it. There is nothing greater than this love. If we give unselfish love to Him, we will live as Christ lived. This is probably beyond our abilities. That is why Christ died for our sins.

Friendship love is a caring love. Ideally, we find it everywhere. Found in all peaceful relationships. We find it between all kinds of people and even between people and animals. It is a special love that has no demands or conditions. We all should form one with each other. It is what Jonathan had for David, while Saul was trying to kill David in a jealous rage. We find it in the commandments and in the second greatest commandment ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ (Found in Matthew 22:37-40.)

Smothering love is the kind that demands constant attention. One will not let another have a life. We see it when one person wants to tie him self or her self to another human being and will not let them out of their sight. It seems like harassment. It comes from a very needy person, one who has not resolved issues, especially childhood abandonment and neglect. These people need professional help and prayer. Be kind but firm with them. Abuse only makes this kind of love worse. These persons have already suffered too much. Smothering love is not hopeless if the person can accept Biblical instruction and/or proper professional help.

Tough love is a love needed to bring up a child into a psychologically healthy adult. It lets child learn from his or her mistakes, and they have us as shoulders to lean on and to give them support. It is an unconditional love. It is the kind of love given by the Almighty, when we mess up. We find it in the New Testament. Jesus showed us this love by example.

Childish love is what children have for their parents. It is a needy love, but we cannot compare it with smothering love. Childish love can become independent and strong. Strength lives there that we cannot find in the other. It only needs awakened and developed through example, nurturing, and instruction, and as the child matures, he or she develops an unconditional love for others.

Unrequited love was what Christ had when He died for our sins. We find it in some broken marriages, the prodigal son or daughter, and in one-way friendship. It, like lustful love, is hurtful. Only here, we see a victim, the one who offers unconditional love and does not receive it.

Popularity love is gained with the promise that with associating with that person, you will profit. We call them fair weather friends. He or she soon disappears when life has given the love one a few hardships. Peter had this kind of love, when he denied Christ three times. Thankfully, he overcame it and developed agape love. If he had not, we would not be reading first and second Peter in the New Testament.

Godly love is a perfect love. It is the love that is willing to go so far as to give up ones' life for another. Very few people can attain such love. It is all that is good in all the other loves. Most of the disciples attained it. Others have attained it, but only God knows who all of them are.

Which type do you belong?, just comment your answers.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Search Engine Friendly Content

Once you’ve improved your existing copy or post in your blog, it’s time to think about how you create copy in the future. The technique is simple – use keyword research as the inspiration for what you write. For example if you find people are looking for ‘friendster designs or multiply themes’(which is popular here in the Philippines) you may decide to write a piece of content such as ‘Free Friendster themes or Free Multiply layout’.

When you use keyword research for inspiration for your writing, you’ll know that people are genuinely interested in what you’re going to write and that you can create search engine friendly copy in record time.

Here’s a simple way of planning what you should write:

1. Get your list of important keywords again (Choose which has a more demand).
2. Write down a list of major customers needs in your industry
3. Match a keyword with a major customer need and draw up a list of article titles
4. Get writing and publish your articles.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Filipinos Olympics Latest Standing

There are currently 15 competitors in 8 sports event from the Philippines participating today in the Beijing olympics, If you have watched the opening ceremony the flag bearer is Manny Pacquiao. I have watched the opening and frankly it is one of the most fascinating thing I see, with the flying or roped tight torch bearer running skyrise with the screen in the walls.

Anyways, the Filipino athletes are already out there pursuing the first gold medal for the country. And who doesnt want to get the gold medal, the one who will win a gold medal will get a 15 million pesos reward and a car from the government (They really have that much?).

I dont know if It can really help our athletes, I mean, If they just donate the money not just for the gold but for the other athletes out there that are working hard with lack of equipments. I mean If they have that much money, why would just give it to the athletes who are struggling for support from the government not just when there is an olympics but in other events as well.

Its just my opinion and I bet It can add pressure to our athtletes but I do support our athletes and pray that they will win in their respective events. Well, thats it for now, if you want to know the current medal standings in the olympics including Philippines, heres the link to the official website, click the link:

Latest Olympic Standings

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Home Improvement

Since I was a child, I dreamed of having my own house, everytime I see other people living in their own home, I was wondering if I could reach my dream. Everyone told me that having your own home is one of the most important factor in living a comfortable life.

Having your own house is a dream come true for true for all of us. Many people are working hard to have their own house, there are many advantages in having your own home, first is that you don't have to pay your rents anymore, you also have the pride of owning your own home, it is a good investment where your children (in the future) can benefit from it. You don't have to worry about rules and policies when you rent.

And the best part is that you can do anything in your own home, including home improvement, living, decoration and many more. For example, you want to have your own designed kitchen sink and can make certain renovations with it. Being the owner , you can do a lot in terms of adjusting the environment of your home. Women particularly are fond of decorating their own homes, so if you want your wife or special someone to be happy, help here decorate your home, Make some renovations in the house, general cleaning and other things to keep your home in order and worth living

Monday, August 4, 2008

How to Get NBI Clearance (Cebu Office)

I just recently got my NBI clearance last week, I just wanted to post for anyone who hasn't got their NBI clearance or if you have any questions or concerns about the process, I'll just enumerate here for you guys.

1. 2 valid ID's ( I actually show only one ID but just bring two to be sure)
2. Money (for Payments)

Applicable only to NBI-CEVRO in Cebu City

1. Go to the NBI Regional Office Cebu located Near the Capitol Site ( left side if your facing Capitol), you have to ride jeepneys going to Banawa (eg. 12L etc), you have to walk about 50 meters before you reach the office, it is not difficult to locate as you can see many people gathering in the gate.

2. Inside, you will see many people gathering(dont be scared), there is a banner like sign that shows Steps 1,2,3,4 (There are 4 steps in total). Step one is just registering your name the registration area (duh), you can see Step one in the area. They will give you an assigned number, for the next step.
Note: Just show valid a ID to register.

3. Then you have to fall in line for the payment in the counter, just prepare your ID's and cash 115 pesos for both (renewal and new clearance). So thats it.

Applicable Only for (New registrants |Skip to step 5 for renewals)

4. Get the registration form (for new registrants), fill it up and get the needed finger prints in the step3 sign, you have to pay 5 pesos for that (wtf!).

5. For the hard part, you have to fall in line again for the picture taking,( I have to fall in line under the heat of the sun for that), after 5hours of waiting, jowk!!, I mean 10 minutes, got your picture taken, and they will release it after 3 working days. (except when you have no criminal records or common names).

Well thats it, my crash course on how to get NBI clearance, If you have any questions or comments, dont hesitate to comment below this post.

P.S. I am not a FIXER for NBI..:p

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