Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eggs From China Contains Melamine

The latest news about melamine is that even eggs coming from China contains the substance melamine. its not melanine, melanin, melamin, its melamine. The substance has been a high regard since the milk scandal started.

The news says

"SEOUL: South Korea said Wednesday that powdered egg and other processed egg products from China have been found to contain minute traces of the harmful chemical melamine.

Five out of nine samples tested between October 17 to 20 produced traces of melamine, the agriculture ministry said.

The five samples were produced by two Chinese companies, Dalian Hanovo Foods Co and Dalian Greensnow Egg Products Development.

South Korea has imported about 622 tonnes of processed egg products from China in 2008 and most of it has already been consumed or distributed to end-users, the ministry said in a press statement.

Now what does that mean?...It means many of us (I hope I'm not included) have been consuming these melamine contaminated product for a long time. If it not for the milk scandal controversy, it could have been worser.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Beginner's Basic SEO Tips

Creating a blog/website is really easy with all the available templates, easy to use tools to create layout and pages with or without programming knowledge, the challenge is getting traffic to your blog/site which means getting hit/visits from users. It is really challenging with all the websites/blogs coming out like mushrooms (cant think of other sample). Anyways, here are the basic elements that make up a good SEO foundation for starter pages or blogs?

Title Tag
With Title Tag included at every page, it can be the most powerful on-site SEO technique. You have to determine the exact targeted keywords inside the Title Tag because it will be used as your Title in search engins. Give different Title Tag for every web page you have, that will make your site optimized enough and also avoiding the supplemental result in Google search.

Meta tags

Alt Tags
If you place some image inside your site, it would be better if you are using the Alt Tags as additional SEO techniques. If the image didn’t show, the Alt Tags would tell the visitor what it’s about. Why you should use it? Simple answer…. With placing additional keywords inside the Alt Tags, your site will contain rich-targeted-keywords. Don’t even try for spamming and keep it at the normal level when locating your keywords here. Spamming or keyword manipulation will be wipes away from Google SE index.

Rich Contents
If you keep your site get updated frequently, search engines will seek and crawl the content inside your site more often. Building more content such as articles, FAQ, tips, recipes, etc. will make your site keep updated. Create as much as possible and keep each web pages has density around 200 to 400 words. Link your contents to other related contents whether inside your site or outside of your site. Get the related link as much as possible, but avoid the link farm technique.

Keyword Density
Density of your keyword at your site is very vital and should be done with some research with trials and errors. To make the normal SEO techniques for your keyword, you should use the keyword(s) at least once in the title tag, heading tag, bolding text, and make sure that your keword density reaches 5% to 20% from overall of your contents. Don’t give too many keywords since it would be bad for SEO and will make your site categorized as keyword spamming and keyword manipulation. This will make your site wipes away from search engines index. Whenever possible, use your keyword(s) on the most top and the most bottom of your web page. When create any paragraph, make sure your keyword(s) located in the first sentence and in the last sentence inside the paragraph.

Link Popularity
Is the most powerful off-page SEO for your site. Most search engines will consider the existence of any website, if there’s one or more links pointing to the web site. This Link Popularity technique is very important when it comes to getting your site a good ranking. It can be done by having another site(s) link to your web site. Make sure your keywords included at the pointed links you get and you should keep the keywords short. There’s a method called link exchange for gaining Link Popularity technique. Beware, some websites won’t increase your rank, even it may reduce your rank in search engine’s sight. If you want to make a link exchange, you have to check the site before pointing your link to their site. If their site is at bad behavior, your site will get some penalty from SE and even get banned from the list.

On Page Cross Linking
With this SEO technique, all of your web pages will be indexed by search engines. Keep the depth of your page no more than three links away from your main page. Make your related topics linking each other across your site. With this technique, your site will have more behaviors and give your visitors additional features. Don’t forget to locate a link back to your main page for each page inside your site, because your visitors always need the links to get back to your main home page.

Page Size
Your visitor will be happy if the loading time of your page is very fast. It makes the speed of your webpage is very important things you have to notice, because your visitors don’t want waiting when they’re accessing your website. Also, search engines will visit your page more frequently rather than another site with hard loading time. I can say that because with the fast loading time will make search engine robots crawling your web page easier and faster. The normal size for each of your web page is less than 15k, the proper loading time is less than 2 sec, Try to tes here

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

About Weather

It has been cold these days probably because the rainy season is coming. Honestly it has been a good day today and the weather is just fine, not too hot and not too cold. It is a great day to do things like going to malls or window shopping. It is also a good day to rest not worrying about the hot temperature outside. Yesterday, it was raining so I don't have to worry about watering the plants. Looking outside the window, the clouds are just forming again maybe it will rain or just another cloudy day.

If I were in the USA, I would love to see the weather there particularly in Arizona, a fellow blogger in the Arizona real estate said they are having a good time there sunbathing, though I am not fond of that kind of activity, I am happy to see them enjoying the sun unlike in our hometown, almost everyone is afraid of the heat and will get their skin dark. Many of us here want to go overseas to experience the cool weather. It is really amazing how a person adapts through different weather conditions and their preferences differ from many countries.

Friday, October 17, 2008

How to Put Adsense Code inside Blogger / Blogspot Post

Google adsense has been the most popular way in monetizing blogs and websites and it is used by a multitude of blogs/websites. Placing ads in a website is much trickier than you thought, you cannot just place ads anywhere in the page or just post it for the sake of viewing or loading the ads.

"Location" and I mean location is very very important aspect in determining the success of your google ads in terms of page impression and the number of clicks. I'm gonna focus here more of blogs just because it is the easiest access of many sources of information and many users view its pages (and I'm currently using it right now).

This is applicable only to blogger /blogspot blogs. So you already have your blog, then log in to your adsense account as we have to do a little bit for the code.

Log in to your blogger account -> select your blog's layout tab -> select edit HTML ->view the codes and put check in the checkbox Expand Widget templates.

Convert first your ad codes first to be compatible with blogger/blogspot template.

Click Here to Convert ad codes

Here Are The Formats and the codes:

Format 1: Insert the code Before <data:post.body/>

Format 2: Insert the code Before <data:post.body/>

Format 3: Insert the code Before the footer or After <data:post.body/>

Just remember dont change anything in the adsense code as it will violate the policies andworst you will get banned so dont let that happen.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why does anyone want to be President?

Since all the news coming out from radios and televisions are primarily concern about the politics in the United States. A good question is that why does anyone want to be president?

Let me start of the Current 2008 United States Presidential Election. It will start on November 4, 2008, Tuesday will be the 56th consecutive quadrennial United States presidential election and will select the President and the Vice President of the United States. It is actually an historical event, if Obama wins, he will be the first with the African blood to be President in the United States of America (I'll also go my vote for him).

One thing is that McCain will just be a plain carbon copy of Pres. Bush (No offense republicans) and you know those issues in Iraq and the results.

Sen. Hilary Clinton doesn't favor BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing), which means American companies will be and only be for Americans (no full outsourcing), that will be a problem to us Filipinos especially those who are currently working in Call Centers, that will be a lot of turn overs and also companies will lose a lot of money for they cannot outsource that freely.

Back to my post title question...why?

I rather as ask those who want to run in the Philippine Presidential Election, I know its too soon to mention or even talk about, but I cannot help seeing those television ads about different politicians already campaigning (Though they dont admit it). I wonder they want to be President here in the Philippines. Is it for money, power, name, history or all of the above. Though I am not really a politics person, I'm gonna discuss in the future blog post about presidential elections. I will further show figures about this issue. This will be all for today, ciao!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Play with your friends multiplayer games

I am always fond of playing games especially online, here in our place, it is getting more and more popular to teenagers who loves playing multiplayer games online. It is not surprising that multiplayer games, are continually growing though there is an global economic crisis. The population online is still growing. Playing multiplayer games online is very fun especially when you are playing with your friends or from anyone around the world.

The game itself is huge allowing different people/players from around the world gather for these games. There are also tournaments held in this multiplayer games that gives players a chance to show their skill to compete from other players in their area. Popular multiplayer games includes shooters where you can play with your buddies online or in the local network. Nothing compares to the fun of playing multiplayer games not only with your friends but also with your family.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

99 Hits Combo of Wolverine in Marvel Super Heroes

I have been playing arcade games since I was a child, I remember every time after church, I immediately go to arcade games. The first arcade I played was the X-men platform (Not the vs mode), an adventure that will let you and 3 of your friends play at the same time (total 4). Not to brag about it but I was really good at that game and even finished it with just a single token. But It tends to get boring so I switched to fighting games, the I played was the Marvel Superheroes where you can choose characters like "Incredible Hulk", "Spiderman", "Wolverine" and many characters from Marvel.

Before I become good at this game, I saw a guy that can do 99hits without stopping (Shocked), I was amazed on what he did and I wished I could do that (I was 9-10 yrs old at that time). Though I never take it that seriously at that time, I kept playing the game for fun and never expected to perfect the 99hits combo (using wolverine), I was in high school at that time. It was really great really.

Though I mentioned it in my blog the title and I think some of you landed on this page to learn it or at least know how to do it... you can find it in Gamefaqs and just search for marvel superheroes and go to the faq tab.

Dream with furniture

Running a family business is never been easy and starting one is not that simple especially in this present global economic crisis. The rustic furniture can be a good furniture to sell in an manufacturing business particularly in the furniture industry. They can offer materials to use and any style you like.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cebu Jeepney Route Numbers

Jeepney has been the main mode of transportation here in the Philippines. It is mainly seen in rural areas or cities. I have ridden these jeepneys since I was little, from going to school and going to other places, I prefer to ride jeepneys rather than other trasportation like taxi cab, tricycle, bus, etc. because first off all, the fare is cheap, just 8 pesos (expensive really personally, and still rising) you can go to other places already, It is fast especially when there is traffic, it can overtake easily compared to busses, It can be fun at times, especially when you meet someone you know in the passenger seat (you can have a free fare, hehe).

Anyways, I will just put my listings of differnet jeepney routes or number according to destinations. I'll list as long as I can remember.

Labangon Route Nos. (From Labangon)
12A - Labangon ->(high-way)panganiban->carbon = vice versa
12B - Labangon ->(high-way)Sikatuna->Cathedral/Sto. Nino = vice versa
12C - Labangon ->(high-way)Panganiban->Colon=vice versa
12D - Labanong ->(high-way)Junquera(San Carloss)->Colon
12E - Labangon ->(high-way)San Carlost ->Sikatuna-> SM
12F - Labangon ->Tabo-an->Carbon->Manalili
12G - Labangon ->Tabo-an->Colon->SM
12H - (doesnt exist anymore)
12I - Labangon->(High-way)Panganiban->Colon->SM
12J - Labangon->(high-way)Junquera(San Carloss)->Colon->SM
12K - Doest exist anymore
12L - Labangon ->(V-rama)Fuente Osmena/Mango->CIC->Ayala
12M ->Same with 12B except it will pass Leon Kilat when returning to Labangon

I'm just gonna update this details (It is really obvious where am I from ). If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment now. Thanks

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sleeping in the furniture

Sleeping is an important part of our life and it is the time that we can rest after the whole days work and recharge ourselves for the coming day ahead.

Getting asleep in the furniture is really inevitable especially when you are very tired from school or from work. The thing is that most of us prefer to sleep in a comfortable bed. Having the right kind of bed can really help you in your rest. The right foam, height, materials and other factors to consider in choosing a bed. It is also important to know the quality of the bed in terms of its lifespan and durability.

The contemporary bedroom furniture for example will help you save space in your home as it can be used as a furniture and a bed at the same time. When you are a busy person in nature and really doesn't have or little time to fix your bed early in the morning will benefit from the bedroom furniture.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nursing Student

I've just thought of what if I have not taking my chosen course and take up nursing, I would be working already in the hospital taking care of the patients or something like that, I could have wore white uniforms, work really hard and able to help a lot of people. Well, I have no regrets in choosing my course (about computers), actually, I am proud of it, knowing that I am doing what I love and not what other people say. Its just a matter of choice. doing what you like can reflect the output of your work. And that is also part of life after all.

I couldn't have written this blog in fact. But I know many of my friends pursuing the course and they enjoy it especially who are working in their field. My friend once told me that helping others is priceless.

My medical assistant friend is trying to apply for abroad to earn more. Though She has plans to pursuing her studies in medical assistant school, yup, though it is not easy, that school can give her a lot of opportunities to learn more, not to mention the latest equipments use in there. They say that most medical assistant there are the most successful.


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