Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cebu Jeepney Route Numbers

Jeepney has been the main mode of transportation here in the Philippines. It is mainly seen in rural areas or cities. I have ridden these jeepneys since I was little, from going to school and going to other places, I prefer to ride jeepneys rather than other trasportation like taxi cab, tricycle, bus, etc. because first off all, the fare is cheap, just 8 pesos (expensive really personally, and still rising) you can go to other places already, It is fast especially when there is traffic, it can overtake easily compared to busses, It can be fun at times, especially when you meet someone you know in the passenger seat (you can have a free fare, hehe).

Anyways, I will just put my listings of differnet jeepney routes or number according to destinations. I'll list as long as I can remember.

Labangon Route Nos. (From Labangon)
12A - Labangon ->(high-way)panganiban->carbon = vice versa
12B - Labangon ->(high-way)Sikatuna->Cathedral/Sto. Nino = vice versa
12C - Labangon ->(high-way)Panganiban->Colon=vice versa
12D - Labanong ->(high-way)Junquera(San Carloss)->Colon
12E - Labangon ->(high-way)San Carlost ->Sikatuna-> SM
12F - Labangon ->Tabo-an->Carbon->Manalili
12G - Labangon ->Tabo-an->Colon->SM
12H - (doesnt exist anymore)
12I - Labangon->(High-way)Panganiban->Colon->SM
12J - Labangon->(high-way)Junquera(San Carloss)->Colon->SM
12K - Doest exist anymore
12L - Labangon ->(V-rama)Fuente Osmena/Mango->CIC->Ayala
12M ->Same with 12B except it will pass Leon Kilat when returning to Labangon

I'm just gonna update this details (It is really obvious where am I from ). If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment now. Thanks


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