Friday, February 27, 2009

Finding Locals

Meeting locals is a a very good thing to do especially in meeting people, locals are very much approachable in terms of relating because of similar culture and language, I myself prefer this way than to meet with strangers. It is natural that we feel comfortable of those who are near to us a share the same or similar culture and environment. Finding a local match is very much like meeting friends and everyone can do that through the internet, through social networking and chatting. In terms of local dating it is much easier for everyone to meet and relate when they are at the same or similar place, just about chatting someone online is very much like talking to a closed friend. local personals are like your buddy where he/she is approachable at all times, in this chatroom, you can meet anyone around your community and create a social networking experience

Married Chat Life

A topic in which requires great understading not only in terms of two person but a real understanding of life in which we live in. Creating a bond with someone doesn't come like a magic wand, it comes with time,sacrifice and respect for one another, the most important is the spiritual bond that binds them as a whole. When you have reached that point then you are lucky. Just because you are married doesnt mean you cant interact with everyone, what better way to do this than to do it online. The Married Chat City provides couples with access to the community where you can express your experiences in life and interact with people and couples with similar experiences as you and develop and further understanding. The Married Chat Rooms gives couples a chance to give their opinions and advice to couples through chatting, there is also a live webcam for everyone. The thing is that Married Chat will not harm anyones relationship as its community members are true persons of life with good motives to communicate. Married Chat is a start for social networking that can broaden up your insights and perspective in life.


This is place that I could store information,stuff and absolutely anything, a place that would become my dumping ground for my thoughts, discoveries and ramblings from my life and the lives of those around me, and one thing, this is not my "personal diary". I don't really post my very intimate/personal life here (privacy concerns).

It’s my “storage” depot, a place I can store the notes that I've written or researched, the crazy and random thoughts I had in work, street, parties, etc or the strange things I discover as I wonder and adventure through the world (online or offline). I hope someone finds them useful or perhaps even entertaining.

My opinions about different situations, articles, events that are 'in' today, You can also find misspelled words, wrong grammars, carabao english and my writing/personal imperfections (Only human).

More importantly, I also feel that I should point out that the things written on these pages should not be taken out of context or the time and place that they were written should be ignored. I know anything I put on the internet may one day come back to haunt me (or use it against me) but I do feel that we are free to express ourselves in a manner that it doesn't hurt or affect anyone (as much as possible)

Anyways ....Welcome to my blog, I hope you will find anything you seek (generally).
Enjoy your stay.. enjoy life and have fun.


Religious in the midst of crisis

In this time of crisis we tend rely on religious beliefs and actions, it has been tough these days and people just want someone who can help them not only financially but spiritually, there are many people that can help not only you but the friends of you friends, and even your family. The Catholic Chat City offers free chat services for all who wants a connection with anyone with the same beliefs, everyone is welcome here even if you have different religions , you can chat everyone here and view webcams if able. There is no discrimination or whatsoever here. The Catholic Chat Room is open for everyone of all ages and nationalities. It is a really great way to reach out different communities out there and provide care and comfort through chatting. The Catholic Chat is not just an ordinary chatroom but a community of real people with real beliefs in which you can express yourself without any judgment and prejudice.

Latter Day Community

Meeting people online is getting popular these days, many are seeking for friends, chatmates, or just someone to talk to, thats my chatting is very popular around the world. People tried LDS chat where you can meet people with the same beliefs as you. Most of the members of this community are seeking for real people who they can talk to, about certain topics, no scam or hidden agendas. Meeting someone with a good intention is what we look for and what better way to do this than to meet them in LDS Chat City. If you have any doubts then just join the community, the great thing is that it is free of charge. Just register there and experience real online community with live webcam chats and many other options. The LDS Chat Room composed of different features that is user friendly for all ages. Who knows you might meet your companion for life.

Anime Lover

Since I was a kid, I am a very big fan of anime, the way they are created and conceptualize amazes not only the young ones but to almost all ages, it never gets tired especially when watching really cool moves with amazing moves and abilities. Though there are many forums out there offering different anime community the Anime Chat City is unique because all of the community members are anime fanatic, also you can meet female anime fans and chat with everything about anime. There are also other features in the site, you can view anime videos and watch your favorite anime. Anime Chat is popular especially in social networking community,its really exciting that there are many anime fans out there and just want to interact with other people in all parts of the world. Anime Chat Rooms will surely hit the web and enjoy the forever living anime

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Punks In the Web

As s student, I remember seeing lot of punks around especially in school, though most of them are not really that bad, some people are having second thoughts approaching them. At these time of technology, relating and conversing with them is already hi-tech, you can Punk Chat just with anyone online in the Punk Chat Room, yup, there is a chat room dedicated for punks alike in the Punk Chat City, amazingly people respond positively to this kind of networking as it is safe and you can meet more people online and punks as well, I would recommend this to some who want to meet some old school punk with similar interests and hobbies, not to mention finding your potential partner, who knows. Speaking about the site, it is neatly designed and is friendly to anyone who wants to access the options for the registrations and other options, not to mention that it is free.

Seniors Citizen Dating Online

I have been to social networking for a long time, it seems that most of the population are teenagers, so I found this Senior Chat City in the internet, As a active social network member, I found this interesting especially to those that are not so young and seniors out there. The webpage layout is simple and good for the eye. The Senior Chat Rooms are made to be user friendly and can be access easily and browsed by experienced and not so experienced users particularly the seniors in the social networking world.

I would recommend this to parents of the teenagers who want their senior love ones to get involved online for the Senior Chat. it would be really fun for all. This website composed of chatrooms and photo galleries who want to share their experiences to other seniors. The best thing is that the registration is free for all. So what are you waiting for, join now

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How To Get SSS ID (Cebu Office)

I went to SSS Main Office yesterday to for the SSS ID Capture (even it was holiday) in the SSS main office. Our company was scheduled at that time with the other companies. It was fairly easy really because it was a holiday and got picture taken almost as immediately.

For those who haven't got their SSS ID captured, here are the simple steps.

Before Anything else, bring the following
1. E-6 Form from your company or ask a form inside the main office.
2. Two valid ID's (Bring extras in case they will not accept it).

1. Go the SSS(Social Security System) Main Office Located at Escario, Across Golden Peak Hotel.

2. Get a priority number from the entrance (guard).
3. Wait in the line or sit and wait for your number to be called or posted(Numbers are posted above (electronic) )
4. After that present the requirements (with a smile ....for the photo capture).
5. After the photo capture, they will give some sort of a claim stub which you will show/give to claim your new SSS ID.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Christmas holidays in July

Christmas is the the time where families gathered in their homes to celebrate, children receiving gifts from their love ones and the season of giving of course. Many people return to their love ones. Colorful lights in the streets and in the malls, also visible Christmas decorations at home with the colorful lights and the famous Christmas tree. ans most importantly it is the time to thank the people who came and touch our lives.

Christmas in the middle of the year may sound weird, but some actually celebrates it by means of opening sales in stores and department stores here in our place. The thing is that many are offering deals because it is the middle of the year and spending is much lesser than the last quarter. In fact they called it here "Christmas in July".

It is a way to attract customers despite the less spending especially in this global economic crisis. Even with all the news happening, Christmas will always be remembered as a time of giving and peace.

There are many opportunities during Christmas eve, the Christmas Holidays Abroad offers lots of packages during Christmas eve and assure that you will have a very good holiday with you and your family and friends, having the right professional to help organize your Christmas holiday trip and can assure you with high quality services. You can buy from gifts to accessories in preparing for the holidays.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Active Again

I really have a hard time updating this blog, just as I have the momentum to write, I get to get busy with different things. These past days have been ..hmmm lets just say, peaceful. Not that I don't really want it at some point, but its more on getting on the move and what you call it, live life?... Though I can still say that I am lucky in spite of things happening around us like the economic crisis, job retrenchment and etc. But I'm glad to be here right now, and an opportunity to do things what I want.

Back to my blog, I havent really posted really interesting topic, Though I can post any topic I want, I rather keep this blog as personal as much as possible, I don't if any one who reads this knows me in person and if you do..(comment pd oi)..haha.

Though my career belongs in the IT field, I haven't been active online especially in social networking like friendster, facebook, myspace, etc. Not that I don't like socializing people, it just a matter of not spending more time in front of a monitor after work hours, It's different when you face in a monitor more than 8 hours a day and then when you arrive home open again your computer for updating your friendster account. As much as possible I go offline and try to get into reality..really.

Now I have still things to do, update my other blogs, planning for my own website,do things I want, take a vacation..haha..

Maybe I can change a new style in my blog, maybe post topic related to computers, I always wanted to share what I learned to others especially in the IT field....
Its almost 12 now and I am glad to post another one today..

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th

Before people can enjoy celebrate the valentines day, there is the day where many of us find it the unlucky and scary day for us. Though many of us (including me) dont believe this kind of stuff, why not mention it since it is the friday the 13th. I mean let's just elaborate some of the facts that is connecting to this day and I mean facts. Just a little stock of knowledge for everyone out there.


1. It's been estimated that $800 or $900 million (U.S.) is lost in business on this day because people will not fly or do business they would normally do. 2. No historical date has been verifiably identified as the origin of the superstition. Before the 20th century, although there is evidence that the number 13 was considered unlucky, and Friday was considered unlucky; there was no link between them.
3. The first documented mention of a “Friday the 13th” is generally listed as occurring in the early 1900’s.[
4. A Friday occurring on the 13th day of any month is considered to be a day of bad luck in English, German, Polish and Portuguese-speaking cultures around the globe.
5. Many people are so paralyzed by fear that they are simply unable to get out of bed when Friday the 13th rolls around. The Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute estimates that more than 17 million people are affected by a fear of this day.
6. The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia.
7. Every year has at least one, and at most three Fridays the 13th, with 48 occurrences in 28 years an average of 1.7 times per year. The reason, this is the evidence: twenty-eight years have 336 months and 336 also equals seven times forty-eight.
8. A study published in The British Medical Journal (1993) has shown that there is a significant increase in traffic-related accidents on Friday the 13ths.
9. Friday the 13th is also known as “Dooms day” all around the world.
10. Many popular stories exist about the origin of the concept: The popular painting of the Last Supper, with stories that Judas numbered among the thirteen guests (Jesus plus his 12 apostles), and that the Crucifixion of Jesus occurred Friday. The Knights Templar is another popular theory: recently offered up as historical fact in the novel The Da Vinci Code, holds that it came about not as the result of a convergence, but a catastrophe, a single historical event that happened nearly 700 years ago.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fine Art

Since I was a child, I always love drawing.When I was in elementary, everything our teacher assigned as to draw something. I got excited and start to draw immediately even before the instructions are complete. Drawing and painting is very leisure activity for me especially when I have nothing to do, they say it is therapeutic, they say that it is proven to relieve stress and pressure when you are drawing or painting. For me, creating art needs a lot of imagination and creativity which can depend upon a person and cannot be easily be taught at school.

There are many artist out there that very talented. Once I entered in an convention or mini museum of paintings in a mall. It is amazing to see marvelous works of art done by different artist. Each with there unique style. Though I myself can draw a little, it takes real talent and gift to create such wonderful art.

It is easier said than done, I have watch artist painting and it seems that they did it with little effort. Let's just say the Atroshenko works features very unique paintings and works of art. It really takes effort to create this art and can be very accomplishing if you can see it in your walls. It is also a good decoration for houses and rooms. Instead of buying expensive accessories, a painting can attract a lot of guest and visitors in your homes.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentines Countdown

Its been an ordinary day at work, facing the monitor, writing codes, thinking ways and solutions. Learning new technologies and getting paid for that of course. Things have been very busy these days. Nah, I still enjoy the routine though.

I know, I know, Why am I writing about work?, which is really contradicting to the post title. just want to divert your thoughts which in fact we know what it is (haha).It is really amusing the way we think about Valentines day, many people I knew are already preparing for the big day, buying gifts, chocolates, etc, etc. Though many people have a different perspective about valentines. Some say it is the day where two lovers show their love to one another, many still believe that stuff specially students.

I still remember when I was in highschool, My classmates especially girls are just going crazy a week before valentines day, they talk about any related to love(crushes in particular). I have a schoolmate at that time which is also my friend did really unexpected during that day, I was joking about telling her to give me a gift during valentines day and I asked her to bake me some brownies, which she is selling, She just smiled and I thought of it as only a nonsense talk. Then during the valentines day, I was stunned to see her went to the classroom, bringing brownies(lots of them) in a basket and gave it to me, at that time I was literally speechless and at my sudden reaction, I just shake her hands and said thank you!. ( I know I could do better than that)....My classmates are also stunned in the scene, knowing that she had already a BF at that time, I know she is a nice girl and I wish I could return the favor to her, I mean it is my first time that someone gave me something during that day.

Well that's all for my "korny story", I know it was a long time ago and many things already happen and will still happen unexpectedly and I haven't write about my present story..yet... So before I close my post, I will define my own meaning of valentines...ahem.. maybe in my next posts this week..ciao

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming to months from now, yes, it is almost time where we will see many kids in the street greeting treat or trick. It has been a culture especially in the western countries to celebrate this once in a year celebration where many people dressed their Halloween costumes and go door to door with treat or trick. Some countries even held Halloween parties in the streets. It is nice to see people having fun despite the day. You see many people here in our place treat halloween day as a day of mourning and remembering our love ones. It is a tradition here in our country for many generations that's why most of the people during halloween season go into cemeteries to visit with their whole family and relatives. It is not really a sad event, its just a way to respect their love ones.

Today, there are many ways in which halloween is seen by people, we see in televisions and movies about different halloween costumes being shown and different style of costumes in their own halloween theme. It is already seen as an event or a celebration. In this site, you can see different kinds of halloween costumes and accessories, it ranges from different varieties depending on you taste and choice. There are almost infinite choices in their store. If you want high quality product and good services then you can rely on the store.

There products cater not only for the young but also for all ages. It is also much easier to choose their products because they categorized according to age groups and types. For ladies out there who wants to look sexy in their halloween costumes and outfits, there are available dress up clothes just for you. Purchasing is also easy and it will be delievered directly at your door steps, to learn more about their product, visit their website

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random Work Thoughts

Every news I have heard in the television especially in the foreign media are about the economic crisis that is happening and continue job losses in every corner of the world. I know I am lucky to have a job, just thinking about it since the recession started by many companies here in the Philippines. Though many companies in Cebu are not closing, it is already felt by many, I know some from a very big company here in Cebu (belong to fortune 500 companies) that they are affected by the crisis that is happening, they have only few projects to handle and they are currently not hiring new employees (Freeze hiring ) at the moment, of course if there are no or few projects revenue and profit for the company will not materialized not to mention of doing nothing which means being stagnant and minimal learning for its employees which I myself really hate about.

Leaving and resigning to a company these days is not really that advisable knowing that businesses are cost cutting just about everything in the department. Just because having a not so high salary is a reason to find greener pastures these days is a really big no for me.

I have read a book about attitude about work and seeing a different perspective when it comes to work, being contented at work is a very essential attitude and character in how we view work. Having a work is already a blessing and we should thank God for that no matter what it is. Let's just say that you are complaining about low salary, rather we should think not about how much or rates but in terms of overall perspective around us, we should be thankful that we are healthy and well to do are every task, it is already of high value of being healthy, which means not to pay for medicines, maintenance and other factors.

I admit myself to have these bad thoughts at first, about finding a perfect job, which is really almost impossible or just impossible at all. Social pressure might be another factor for me sometimes, knowing that some of my colleagues are working in big companies make me think of comparing to which is not really a good attitude. I have been out of college for almost a year now and I have learned a lot of things during my days in work and still continue on the journey of work life.

In this time of crisis means not really just to do your job but about the character and attitude towards doing the job and the rest will follow.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Plan to transfer to a Hosting Service

I have been blogging for a long time now, thought I have been using free blogging services, I have been thinking of getting my own domain name and a hosting service where I can put my files and do whatever what I like. Not to mention to have control over my visitors and setting up different pages.

There are so many web hosting that provides cheap hosting and & reseller web hosting services. Also, I am looking for 99.99% uptime per month which is really very important for blogging that updates their contents frequently.

I have found this cheap web hosting services that can provide my needs, I have been looking for budget web hosting around the internet and found lypha hosting service, I have look at their package which is very good and compatible of the specs I have need. I know that there are many hosting offers out there but it is worth a try though, they have a complete 30 day money back guarantee which is very good. If I have the opportunity to go with it then this is the one I will try.


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