Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Bloggers Birthday

Another year as passed in my life and what better to do it then to celebrate it and post about it. Its just a moment when we realize that we are not getting any younger and time flies so fast. Today is not really that different except of course its my birthday. I can include this as another day in the office (except I was earlier then usual). The day really started with dark clouds and heavy rain as a wake up early this morning (I wrote this blog at night). I really don't know if it is a shower of blessing or a shower of another misfortune as what happened to my previous birthdays. But anyways, I still do my daily routine to prepare for work and so on and so forth.

I mentioned misfortunes earlier for it really happened during my birthday. One is our dog died in my 20 birthday. One of my aunties died at my 13th birthday (unlucky I know).

Anyways, this is a very good time to reflect yet once again of all the things that happened in the year, and so far, it has been ups and downs (as what life naturally is). Let's just say that its a perfect year but overall its been quite an interesting year with of course challenges and more changes in terms of perspective in life ( not that I'm getting grumpy or something). Its more like having more control in your life and decisions. I have made some important decisions most especially in my career. But just as I said earlier, its been a very interesting and a good year for me.

Just for fun: I have added some events that happened to this day.

1961 – Isiah Thomas, American basketball player
1982 – Kirsten Dunst, American actress

1945 – Adolf Hitler, Austrian dictator of Nazi Germany (suicide) (b. 1889)

1789 – George Washington (pictured) took the oath of office as the first President of the United States at Federal Hall in New York City.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Downloading Contents

You can almost find anything on the web, whether it be movies, music, shows, lyrics etc. It is really convenient this days that you can access them withing the internet. For example in songs, even if you don't know the exact title, you can still find the song by just searching and typing the few lines of the song. Each time you find what you search for, most of the time you downloaded it. I have seen many sites offering all kinds of downloaded not knowing that some of them are just scams and will just trick the users to click into different other sites. This is certainly true to some users, some files even has viruses and even cause more damage to your PC.

I have search for the best download spot, and there is nothing more satisfying by using the Rapidshare Search in finding downloads online, you can search for everything from movies, games, ebooks, softwares and many more. The great thing is that you can download them for free, and you can assure that the content is safe. It is already proven for many years about the site and most free downloads are downloaded from the site.

to know more visit the site here:

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gerry Peñalosa defeated by Juan Manuel Lopez

I just saw the recent fight between Gerry Peñalosa and the undefeated Juan Manuel Lopez. Looking at the start of the round 1 the aggression of Lopez against Gerry. It's really sad but true that the Puerto Rican dominated the fight from the start, though Gerry exchange some blows, it is not enough to startle the champion. The fight ended via TKO when coach Freddie Roach decided to stop the fight after the 9th round (which for me is a very wise decision)even with Gerry's heart to continue to fight. Not to mention it is the only fight for Juan Manuel Lopez for the last to fights that reached after fight after the 1st round.

Lopez improved his undefeated record 25-0-0, 23KOs, while Gerry has 54-7-0 36KOs.

Well, there is still hope for the Filipino fans as Manny Pacquiao will step into the ring in a week and may he regain the honor of winning for probably the most important fight of his career.

Visayas Blackout / Brownout....

Just recently the whole Visayas has been hit by the blackout which resulted in headaches and heat complains from people included in the area, not to mention the terrible heat with very little to none water supply due to down pumps generated by electricity.

An blackout caused by a problem with a transmission line in Leyte province hit several parts of the Visayas area Saturday morning and lasted for about eight hours, a radio report said.

The power outage started at about 9:45 a.m., but power had been partially restored to some areas in the Central Visayas region as of Saturday evening, according Visayas-based Bombo Radyo.

Visayas Electric Company (VECO) vice president for administration Sebastian Lacson said the blackout affected the entire Central Visayas region.

Lacson said 80 percent of the power supply for Central Visayas comes from Leyte.

Source: GMAnewstv

So here we go, just as they say. It's better to have no electricity than have no water, but that's not the case here, since out place is included in Visayas Blackout and specifically our water supply pump is generated by electricity so when there is a blackout then there is no water in the faucets which really sucks.

I hate to admit it that during the blackout there is nothing much I can do really, but to wait patiently(if asleep). The blackout started at probably 9.00 AM and back at early 4.00 PM. So being a technology reliant person makes me not as patient as others as most of my work and activities are online and obviously requires electricity. Well, the good thing is that I finally got myself to rest and not to face the monitor or other devices (except for my mobile) for some hours which is I tend to ignore over these past weeks. I hope the blackout will not happen to often ( for the bloggers sake)..:-)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Registering a Domain Name

I am always looking a way to find the right domain name for my site, even if there already popular websites around. It is still very important to have a very good domain name if you want to get noticed int the world wide wide. Though I have few domains under my name. I still look for something that can provide a better exposure and traffic. No matter how good or how updated the site is, it will still reflect on what domain name it belongs to, as much as possible, I want my domain name to be similar to the topic of my blog.

Choosing the right domain name is very essential especially in getting online traffic and SEO. For me, having the right domain name is better than any keyword or meta tag optimization because it is the first thing that you will see in the browser. It is also the one that the visitors will remember when going to your site. The important is too have a short clean domain that can easily be remembered by visitors or users.

As I have search around the net, the yahoo domains are creating a good impression when it comes to domain names, they offer cheap packages and variety of choice of package, the good thing is that they have been in the industry for a long time and their market is very big which is essential in terms of promoting your domain in their search engine. They also offer other services like hosting which is very popular in businesses today.

For more information visit the site here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Truth About Making Money Online Goals

It is not really that surprising today that people are searching for other ways to make money, especially in this time of economic crisis, though only few know that you can make money online. The world wide web is continuing to grow in numbers despite of the current situation, many users are now using the internet as a tool not only for students or as source of information. It is now a business tool that can create a market of various fields and a becoming a source of income.

Many sources from the web are offering paid programs in exchange of service. Some are scams and some are real. I have been a victim of scams before though it doesn't cost me a cent, it just that they used your site/blog to post backlinks to their site( not to mention the time wasted in registering for an account).

It really takes both patience and luck which is I honestly say is true I mean I was one of those who want to monetize from blogging (that was my first goal), and it came to know that there is more to it than earning or monetizing a blog/website(which is very true in real life). Just having the fun of writing a post and expressing your opinions and read articles from other bloggers which can be a really source of information for just about everything. Many of them also have an intention of monetizing their blog.

No matter what my reasons for blogging is, it is still important that it is not all about monetizing or making money online, just having the freedom to express yourself as well as to provide information and share knowledge to others is already good start.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Alas My Domain is Active

What better time to activate my domain in this particular day, if you haven't notice (other than its easter sunday), notice on the url address (one with the 'www'). It's no longer the blogspot domain but a private domain as you see it. I already decided to forward to this blog to make it official online.

I really don't know if there are readers of this blog, I really wanted to generate traffic from it. Anyways forwarding the domain is very simple in blogger, the good thing is that you don't need to purchase a host for storage for your files, all you need is to purchase a domain and make some minor changes in the settings and just as simple as that.(Post a tutorial in the future).

Having a own domain name( gives the site more authority and name value than the ( Not only that it is more considered in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but can be indexed easily and web spiders can crawl more which will make the site display easily on the search engines.

Not to mention having a domain can motivate users(especially me), to be more active in the blogosphere and more motivated in posting and updating the site. For bloggers out there or someone who has a blog and want to have a name in the web. Purchasing a domain name maybe worth it for you.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Holy Post Reflection

Getting the chance to have this long holiday (Holy Week) has been very good for me, though I didn't plan any vacation destinations or summer getaways, it has been a peaceful moment for everyone to take some time off from work to spend time to do the things I really wanted, simple things like sleeping early and waking up late is already a miracle for someone like me especially during work days or even weekends. Not that I don't want a vacation, its just that getting away temporarily from my daily routines in life and do other things and stuff, as much as possible, I want them to be meaningful and not really waste my limited holiday time. Just want to do simple things in life and not to stress over holiday plans, or knowing someone is going on vacation and I am not.

It's just amazing to know these days that people are getting stress out or pressured just to know someone is going on vacation or doing cool things especially when these activities are posted on social networking sites like friendster, facebook, etc. with the pictures showing everyone they are having a good time. It seems that they are obliged to do or have to go where they are or similar to that and post it to let others know. I remember one of my professor in college said that many of these kind of people who are pressured to do this things are only doing this to enjoy the vanity of the city.. the truth is that no one really knows if that person is really having a good time overall in his/her lives just by seeing them posting pictures or videos of smiling faces in the internet.

I recently read a book about reflecting ourselves as to see in your point of view the things you have done and your experiences and how it shaped you to be you.. Honestly, I haven't done much reflection, though this blog really help me just by expressing my thoughts and opinions and never care what people will thinks or say (anyways, you can comment in my posts), though I am frustrated writer, I really do my best in just saying just about everything that I haven't really done in personal( am a quiet person). Just as this Lenten season is a very good time to reflect upon myself and everyone as well.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bahia Resort Review

It has been a long time since I've been in a resort and luckily the location of the company bday bash is held in a resort in Mactan, so this is gonna be my first review about a resort though I have been to a lot of resorts and beaches here in Cebu particularly in Lapu-lapu. So.. the place is located near white sand beach which we held out xmas party last year near Maribago and Hadsan resort, you can reach there by riding multicab from Mandaue, it is about a 30 40 minute travel straight.

First impression of the place, well.. it's not that bad for a second class resort (mentioned in our email announcements), the place is so-so, not the best but fairly good for a simple getaway. The place is quite clean and has many trees (which is good especially when it is very hot). cottages are clean and a lot of space for everyone especially this summer time. About swimming though.. I expected that they have a beach side to go with their location but there isn't. They have 3 swimming pools but have no beach front which is a little bad. But overall it really doesn't matter as long as you have fun.

It has been a long day at the office and a little fun doesn't hurt, after all, it is summer time and enjoying the weekends and holidays( coming holy week) can really help release those tensions at work.


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