Sunday, September 27, 2009

Coldfusion Remove Whitespaces in Strings

Though this is a simple script, it helped a lot in my current application specially in manipulating string variables in coldfusion, used to emove all whitespaces from a string variable in a simple way.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pressured to Update My Social Networking Life

I guess the time has finally come for me to update my social networking account. It seems ages since I log on one and this time might be different, since I have more friend request than expected(persons I really know) , well since of them are my former classmates, I have don't have much choice but to update them(Not that I don't like), it seems that I am the one left behind in updating these sites. It's ironic that I face the web more than anything I see in a day and I haven't even updated my profiles, photos, etc(not that I do not have anything to post/upload, I really do)but sometimes get a little lazy of uploading photos my not so thick face to the public (am a private person). and I am a little preoccupied of updating my blogs (not just this one), it also adds up to my previous experience of being banned from a social networking site (FRIENDSTER, that is) which deleted all my contacts, pictures , everything.... (bummer)

On the other side I've got see the photos and happenings of all my contacts and got to admit myself to be intrigue with the some of their photos/postings (Human are curious creatures)...only human. Guess I cannot comprehend the power of social networking these days which is really starting to get interesting in my personal opinion. Who knows, this could be the start of a wonderful social networking life.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sugarcrm How to Set Up Email Setup/Settings For Campaigns

Setting up campaigns is one of the main features for the Sugarcrm, though there are few tutorials on the net regarding campaigns, the first step is setting up the email configuration, I will show the basics for setting up the email configuration for the campaigns to be used.

First is to log in the Sugarcrm, and in the tabs menu, click the Campaigns.

Then choose the 'Email Set up' in the left sidebar (this is the first step before you can effectively send the emails and use the campaigns)

1. Enter the form name

2. Select SMTP to use external mail clients

3. Enter a valid email address (I recommend gmail accounts, create sample account if necessary).

4. Enter SMTP port, 465 is the default for the gmail smtp.

(For all the settings(gmail) here)

Click the SSL checkbox

5. Enter the SMTP username (same as your email account username)

6. Enter the SMTP password (same as your email account password)

7. Proceed to next step

Now you have your email already set up for the campaigns to be created, I will post next about creating a campaign and creating target lists.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

What Matters

Nothing like a peaceful midnight here sitting in front of my computer and writing(typing) another post. Since I have been into a lot of things lately, its been a different feeling. It is really true as time passed by, the way of seeing things seems different 3-4 years ago. I have read a book by "John Maxwell" that states that your character 4 to 5 years from now will be determined by the books you read and people you meet. Even the way I posted a topic is different since I started blogging. At first, it started as an SEO project, the domain was still, it was really a work related thing. Believe it or not it was even banned for spamming for posting illegal post (Link building).....

Anyways, I'm glad I still have this blog , really, I am just thinking what would become of my blog, 10 -15 years from, come to think of it. It can be my personal biography of some sort(though I don't post very intimate and personal details in my life here). You still have something to look back. Of course, its still different in some social networking sites like facebook, friendster, tagged, etc. The difference is that it is not what you always see like pictures, galleries, Reading blog (a personal blog) is like knowing the different side of a person, which means getting to know someone in terms on how they express themselves through writing(posting) and share their stories and opinions themselves. Believe me, it is different by just looking at pictures/photos. Not that I am against posting photos. It's just that its interesting how some people interpret or react to them. (I hope you know what I'm talking about).... Some would judge according to what they see immediately, lets just say the girl/guys she is with (as curious creatures as we are), some would think, who is she/he?, is that her gf/bf/wife/husband/brother/sister/etc. Of course you wont be noticing it but you already in that somewhat 'spell' of curiosity and continue viewing all the gallery and at the end still left that question in mind so you ask/post a comment of course. That's not really bad at all especially when you are viewing/looking at someone who you haven't been seen for a long time.

The important thing really here is enjoying what you do (like blogging). Having contributed to the community(online) not just by gaining popularity or making money online. Its expressing ourselves and be witness of everything happening around us and looking back at future that we once existed in the blogosphere.


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