Saturday, October 17, 2009


Honestly, this blog is getting a bit rusty and dusty for not really updating that much these past few weeks, though there maybe a thousand excuses for not updating these blog, I still want to post something not just for the sake for updating, or getting web traffic, becoming popular in the webspere(am a private person), etc, it is a matter of coincidence(started this blog as a work project) and
destiny(really not expecting to post about a bit of myself as I am not a public person at heart).

Other bloggers have their own reasons for blogging (hobby, make money online, having friends (even dates), etc.)...the point is that its not what you see a post or in a blog, but on how relevant it is to the person who created it. So in short notice, I still am interested in blogging even if it looks messy or irrelevant in the point of others(thats's what critics are for).

Back in my post, reminiscing from a term (to talk or write about old times, past experiences, etc.).... Since we lived in a fast paced generation(fast indeed), there are times whether we like it or not remember things in the past, though people have different ways of seeing these, it is uncertain when it will flashback or just triggered by a an event or a series of event..

Lets just say, you open a social networking site (facebook, friendster, etc), wondering how are your old pals/gals/classmates/workmates etc. So of course, you tend to watch(stalk..lolz) someones profile. That is why they are very popular right now.

Anyways, its nice to post something after a long hiatus, though its not that much, it is already a fulfillment for me (at least for this struggling blog..hehe)


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