Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fashion Scrub Tips

If you are in the health care trade or any business wherein employees are required to wear uniforms, do your clothes work for your gain or the other way around? Fashion lovers may find it a test to bear with color codes and the almost monotonous look of medical scrubs. If this is your case, how would you be able to overturn it? Strict rules are hard to break, especially if it could cost you your job. But there is always a way to make things work even when the things look totally desperate.

One of the sources of self-confidence is clothes. That is the very reason why there are people who really spend on their attire, collecting items that they feel they just can't live without. There are also people who choose a particular clothing style in order to fit in a group, something that would provide a sense of belonging. Others put on clothes that, for some reasons, will be able to hide their real personality instead, but the story always ends up they're wearing the kind of clothes for their benefit. On the other hand, some people like nurses, simply don't have much choice but to wear medical scrubs uniforms.

Look into fashion medical scrubs collections. This is the easiest way to reverse or at least balance the feeling of being locked up in just one color. The 15312 mock wrap item, from the Dickies scrubs Black Label Collection, was added with just one detail that gave the scrub a major transformation. A simple sash at the empire waist, which can be tied at the back, made the big difference. You don't need to pay for the item, you only have to make something like that sash, and you're fine to go.

The idea of putting a sash at the empire waist doesn't fit everyone, though. It can emphasize the fat. Choose a cut that draws a sexy shape instead, and if possible go for styles that do not have too noticeable patch pockets for they make the medical scrub look bigger. An example of this is the 11505 item which is also one of the Dickies scrubs. Its contrast trim tricks the eye by defining a sexy curve, and the front pockets are almost undetectable.

It would also help a lot if your scrub pants' stylish details work for your advantage. If you have medical scrubs that would look nice when tucked in, the ribbons and drawstrings of nursing scrub pants will put an additional accent. They knot at the front part if let loose, and that simply don't look good. Scrub pants that hug the butt a little tightly would let you highlight a beautiful part of the body by wearing a shorter scrub top. Flares specifically make the legs look shapely, and they work well with any scrub top design. For those who want to hide something in the pants, the loose-fitting cargo pants and straight let pants are what you need.

Manny Pacquiao VS Miriam Defensor Santiago

Defensor-Santiago, a supporter of the Reproductive Health (RH) bill, gave an impromptu Bible study session before journalists at the Senate as she corrected Pacquiao’s quote “Go out to the world and multiply.”

“The Bible does not say, ‘Go out to the world.’ It sounds very much like God is encouraging us to go out and copulate in public. God said in the Bible, ‘Go forth and multiply,’” she said.

Defensor-Santiago did not stop her lesson there. “If this is going to be a debate of Biblical quotes, then I will counter with: ‘The devil can cite scripture for its purposes,’” said the senator.

She said Pacquiao was being a fundamentalist, as he interprets Scripture literally.

“The Bible was not written by God. It was written at least 17 years after the death of Jesus Christ... They are quoting God, but the Bible says that none of them has ever seen God,” Defensor-Santiago continued. “In fact, if you claim to have seen God, you are in urgent need of psychiatric care.”

“It is very dangerous to quote the Bible and apply it literally as Pacquiao is doing.”

The senator does not think Pacquiao’s popularity will affect the opinions of Filipinos who are in favor of the RH Bill. “It will be very misleading to use his celebrity status to enter into a great debate on the political economy.”

Defensor-Santiago said that the RH bill was a matter of providing information, especially for women of child-bearing age. She said that the RH Bill will teach women about natural family planning as promoted by the Catholic Church, the use of condoms and other contraceptives, among other things.

“If you are going to be asked to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’, you must cast a conscience vote, and not what somebody dictates to you on what should be your vote,” Defensor-Santiago said.

She also thanked the Catholic Church for not exploiting Pacquiao’s stand on the controversial RH bill.

“One priest has already said that they are not going to use him as the poster boy,” said Defensor-Santiago. “I commend the Catholic Church because otherwise, it would have muddied the waters.”


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