Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Aurelia Matias and Luis Love Story

Aurelia, with a little help from Luis, then shared their decades-old love story.

It was sometime in the 1950s. Aurelia was a Bisaya who worked as a house helper in Manila and stayed with her relatives.

She met Luis, who serenaded her with songs by Nat King Cole and Tom Jones. He then asked Aurelia to go away with him.

They had a relationship. Aurelia got pregnant at age 19.

By the time they had their second child, which was in the 1960s, Aurelia and Luis got married in a church in EspaƱa, Manila.

Theirs is a love that knows no distance and old age. Aurelia admitted that she almost lost hope in finding her husband, but it was her love for Luis that kept her going.


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