Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LASER Mascot Design Contest

Dilaab, a Christian movement helping the Filipino nation journey together towards integrity through deeper discernment , has announced the competition for the design of a mascot to represent LASER, a tool to help voters discern during elections. LASER Stands for lifestyle, Action, Supporters, Election Conduct and Reputation.

Several artists from all over the Philippines have expressed interest to contribute their artwork and responding to the challenge. As the contest posters have put it "Your creation can help change our nation". Other groups like Unionbank and Diocese like the Diocese of Novaliches, Diocese of Malaybalay and Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro have supported the competition.

The coordinator of Dilaab's Program called Circles of Discernment for Empowerment - Elections (CIDE-E), Jenny Lea Tan shares stories of how LASER can help in the choosing the right leaders. Tan adds "because of our stories we are confident that we Filipinos, will be able to change the way we conduct our elections. But change is not an over-night thing. That's why now, we are preparing for the next electons through the Laser Mascot Design contest and WE NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION.

We wan to give LASER a face.So, when people see the mascot, they will be reminded to do that is right especially during the elections. The LASER mascot could become every GOD-fearing Filipino's alter-ego when choosing the right leaders for our beloved country.

Post Elections, the LASER mascot will further accompany every Filipini towards ensuring continued good governance, responsible leadership and citizenship.

The LASER Mascot will be used in all forms of communication, activation and interaction with the Filipino public.http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

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