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Christmas Tips For Holiday Food Safety

BACTERIA MULTIPLIES - Food poisoning is caused by bacteria, which can grow and multiply on food when the food is handled in a place that is not clean, when it is stored or cooked improperly, or in some cases, when it is eaten raw. These bacteria make the food go "bad," and will make people sick if they eat the contaminated food.
IMMEDIATE MEDICAL CARE - Age and health status can affect how sick a person becomes, or how long food illness lasts; young children, seniors and those in poor health are at highest risk. It is important that you inform your family doctor if you suspect you are suffering from food poisoning, especially if the symptoms (usually nausea, vomiting and diarrhea) seem serious. See a doctor for advise.
HANDLE FOOD WITH CARE - To protect yourself and your family from possible food poisoning, always choose, store, handle and prepare food with care.
The two most important points to remember in order to avoid food poisoning are:
 1) handle food in ways that will keep it from being exposed to bacteria, and
2) kill bacteria by heating or cooling food; bacteria thrive in room temperature. Avoid keeping foods in the Danger Zone - the unsafe temperatures between 40-140 degrees Fahrenheit.
CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN -- You can't see, taste, or smell them. They're sneaky little critters, and they can spread throughout the kitchen and get onto cutting boards, utensils, sponges, countertops and food. They're food-borne bacteria - and if eaten, they can cause food-borne illness. So on your mark, get set, go...clean!
Thoroughly wash hands with warm, soapy water, rinse well and dry with clean towels before and after food preparation. Cover cuts or sores on your hands and/or use plastic gloves.
Avoid using wood cutting boards. Thoroughly wash cutting boards with warm soapy water, rinse with hot water, then disinfect with weak bleach solution (1 teaspoon chlorine bleach in 1 quart of water and rinse again.
Wash fresh fruits and vegetables with water - keep a special brush handy for this. Using a kitchen disinfectant cleaner or a mixture of bleach and water on surfaces can provide some added protection against bacteria. Wash out lunchboxes or totes every night. Wipe up spills immediately.
SPECIAL REFRIGERATOR CARE - Clean refrigerator surfaces with hot, soapy water. Periodically check temperatures in the refrigerator and freezer to be sure they are correct: Refrigerator 40 ?F (5?C) Freezer 0 ?F (-18 ?C).
RAW, FROZEN, THAWED - Take your groceries directly home after shopping, and promptly store all cold items. Store eggs in the original container in the main section (not in the door) of the refrigerator.
Thaw meat, poultry and seafood in the refrigerator or microwave oven. Do not leave on the counter at room temperature. Promptly cook thawed foods.
Strictly follow recommended cooking times. Thoroughly cook ground meat and poultry so that no redness remains and juices run clear. Avoid eating raw clams and oysters and undercooked meats and poultry. Avoid consuming raw or undercooked eggs. Cook eggs until both the white and yolk are firm and not runny.
LOOK AFTER LEFTOVERS - Thoroughly reheat to boiling previously prepared food. Promptly refrigerate leftover foods in sealed containers. Maintain proper temperatures for all food while serving, especially during the warmer months.

As a rule, "keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold" and do not allow either to be out longer than two hours.
Do not eat any food that has been unrefrigerated for more than two hours. Another golden rule: "When in doubt, throw it out."
If any food looks or smells unusual, do not eat it or give it to your pets. They can become sick also. Contamination may be present and may not yet be detectable by just looking at it or smelling it.

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AIESEC is the world's largest student-run organisation. Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers volunteer abroad opportunities and international internships in over 113 countries and territories. 

Young people have the opportunity to become global citizens, to change the world, and to get experience and skills that matter today and tomorrow.

Present in over 113 countries and territories and with over 86,000 members, AIESEC is the world's largest student-run organisation.

Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens, to change the world, and to get experience and skills that matter today.

How to Engage with AIESEC

For Students
International Exchange
- Global Community Development program
- Global internship program

Leadership Opportunities
-Team Leader Program
- Team Member Program

For Organizations and COmpanies

- AIESEC offers flexible and customized programmes to provide talent that fits with your company's culture and processes. As a global partner of AIESEC, you will enrich your work force with globally mind young professionals, looking to make a difference in your company.

Global Exchange Program
- Access International students and take them on as interns to support your organizational needs and initiatives.

Facebook Page

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Responsible Pet Ownership by Island Rescue Organization (IRO) Cebu

One of the advocacies here in Cebu is the humane and responsible ownership of animals. Fortunately, there is an organization here in Cebu which is composed of volunteers dedicated to helping the plight of animals in the region through rescue, education and advocacy. The IRO (Island Rescue Organization) is a SEC registered non-profit organization where its goal is to promote responsible pet ownership and humane treatment of animals, rescue homeless companion animals, and establish the first rescue center and sanctuary in Cebu.

Their Mission Statement is:

To promote responsible ownership and humane treatment of all animals through cooperation, outreach and education.
To promote a symbiotic relationship between animals and humans, pursuant to the laws of the Philippines.
To advocate the development and enforcement of humane and effective animal welfare laws.
To rescue abused, abandoned, neglected and tortured animals.
To provide a healthy, loving, truly no-kill sanctuary for these animals.
To promote fostering of these animals while waiting for adoption.
To promote the adoption of these animals in loving, forever homes.

If you want to know more about the organization and contribute and even volunteer with their activities and their cause. Here are their contact details

Address: 15 Pearl Street, Silver Hills, Talamban,Cebu City, Cebu, 6000, Philippines.
Contact info
Phone IRO Hotline Number: 09325621672,
Donation Hotline: 09053543448/ 09322826312,
Adoption Hotline: 09158535672
Facebook Page:

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Rotavirus Information Fact and Prevention in the Philippines

Rotavirus is the leading cause of diarrhea in the Philippines and worldwide. Every minute, 1 child dies of diarrhea worldwide. In the Philippines, at least children under five years old die every day.

In recent months, Secretary Enriqyue Ona of the Department of Health has announced to the media the inclusion of Rotavirus Vaccination as part of the Expanded Program for immunization (EPI) in 2012. This is aligned to P-Noy Administration's direction and goal of Universal Health Care and moves the Philippines forward in achieving Millenium Development Goal 4 (Reduce Child Mortality in 2013)

The Philippines has become the very first Aisan Country to implement Rotavirus Vaccination in the EPI.

Some of the countries that have Rotavirus Vaccine in the EPI/UMV: USA, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Ecuador, El Salvador, Finland, Germany Mexico, Peru, South Africa, and GAVI eligible countries-Bolivia, Honduras.

Diarrhea a Very Serious and Deadly Disease

Diarrhea is the second leading killer of children aged less than 5 years old in the Philippines and Worldwide (1)(2)

- This means that each day 1,500 children die of diarrhea annually
- It's burden is greatest in the developing countries of Asia and Africa.
- In Developing Countries Rotaviral Diarrohoea and Vomiting Kills a Child Every Minute
- In the Philippines, more than 13 Filipino children die due to diarrhea every day. This accounts for at least 12% of deaths among children under five in the country.
- Rotavirus is the most common cause of vomiting and diarrhea in children worldwide and the Philippines
- About 13-79% of diarrhea cases in the Philippines is due to Rotavirus - Asian Surveillance Network data (ARSN Publication)

Diarrhea also leads to serious long term effects to a child's development?
Recurrent diarrhea may lead to long term effects of a child's development in terms of Height, Energy Levels and Cognitive abilities.

- Diarrhea affects nutrient absorption and leads to lasting impact on the growth and development of a child.
- Growth shortfalls of up t0 8.2 cm by age 7 years have been attributed to early childhood diarrhea long-lasting
- Profound effects on fitness, cognition, and schooling are also observed

*What are the direct and indirect costs associated with diarrhea?
- Hospitalization due to acute gastroenteritis/diarrhea bears very serious impact on the patient and parent's quality of life as well as their livelihood, working caregivers had an average of 1,00 income loss per day. Amongst working caregivers, almost all missed 1-3 days of work or more.

*Rotavirus vaccination in the Expanded Program for Immunization of the Department of Health is Aligned to P-Noy's direction Universal Health Care Program. specifically reduction of infant mortality rate.

What are the ways to prevent diarrhea?

-Diarrhea caused by rotavirus is not effectively prevented through improved sanitation or water supplies.

Improvements in water and sanitation do not significantly reduce rotavirus diarrhea burden, which is why in developed countries like Australia, USA, Spain and UK rotavirus still contributes around 50% of the diarrhea cases and rotavirus vaccination has been successful in reducing the burden by as much as 75.6% reduction hospitalization due to rotaviral diarrhea.

Rotavirus Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent diarrhea related childhood deaths under 5 years of age.

Diarrhea is the 2nd leading killer of children under 5

More than 13 Filipino Children die due to diarrhea everyday. This accounts at least 12% of deaths among children under five in the country.

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About Viral Exanthem

What is Viral Exanthem? ü Skin rash caused by viral infection Transmission ü Droplets (sneezing or coughing) ü May also spread during contact with infected saliva or nasal mucus Symptoms ü Body aches ü Cough ü Fever ü Headache ü Nasal congestion ü Nausea ü Runny nose ü Sore throat or vomiting Medical Treatment ü Oral anti-histamines for itching ü Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications for fever and pain Home Care ü Apply moisturizer for dry skin ü Avoid scratching for this can cause infection ü Avoid contact with irritating substances ü Wash skin gently with mild soap 2x a day ü Take lukewarm showers or baths ü Drink plenty of fluids ü Wear cotton clothing Prevention ü Avoid exposure to others who have a rash. ü Wash your hands frequently

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New Reformulated Rexidol Forte

Brand Name, Dosage Format and Strength
Rexidol   600 mg Tablet

Therapeutic Category
Central Nervous System



A round, yellow-colored, flat, beveled-edge tablet, bisected on one side and plain on the other side.

Unilab announced the reformulated formula for Rexidol Forte at Parklane Hotel. One of their endorser is the popular radio commentator and tv reporter "Supper Bobby" Bobby Nalzazro himself. Where this he mentioned that this is the first time he actually endorsed a product with a grand reception.

Nalzaro encourages Cebuanos to try new Rexidol Forte to address headaches, fever, muscle pains, and bughat or other common pains. This new product brings the same effect that expensive branded products are known to give, or even better versus some single-ingredient formulations. “Rexidol Forte is affordable and gaan sa bulsa.” Nalzaro shares. “Kusog ang upat ka banat sa Rexidol Forte” as he mentioned in his actual TVC for Rexidol Forte.

New Rexidol Forte is now available in leading pharmacies in Visayas and Mindanao with SRP of P3.75.  

There is also an discussion by Dr. Rhodora Quano-Jayme about Safety of Pain Medications, which is very informational.


Impact of Pain on Quality of Life

Almost two-thirds (59%) reported an
impact on their overall enjoyment of life.

More than three quarters of patients (77%)
reported feeling depressed.

70% said they have trouble concentrating

74% said their energy level is impacted by
their pain.

86% reported an inability to sleep well.

2006 survey conducted for the American Pain Foundation

What are the more common over the counter
pain relievers that are being recommended?

A. Paracetamol
B. Ibuprofen
C. Mefenamic acid
D. Aspirin

Some Common
Over the Counter
Pain Relievers

Some Common Over the Counter Pain Relievers


NSAIDS (Aspirin)

NSAIDS Ibuprofen)

NSAIDS(Mefenamic acid)

Relieves mild to moderate pain from muscle aches, headaches,
colds, sore throats, backaches, arthritis, toothaches, and
menstrual periods.
Also helps reduce fever.

Used to treat mild to moderate pain
Also helps reduce fever

Relieves mild to moderate pain; relieves pain due to arthritis,
menstrual cramps, cold and fever, muscles aches, toothaches,
backaches, and headaches.
Also helps to reduce fever

Used for patients > 12 years old
Mild to moderate pain. People take them to treat pain due to
arthritis, menstrual cramps, cold and fever, muscles aches,
toothaches, backaches, and headaches.

Some Common Over the Counter Pain Relievers



(with paracetamol
and caffeine)

Relief of mild to severe headache, fever,
toothache, neuralgia, dysmenorrhea, fatigue
due to common colds & other viral


How safe are the available OTC
pain medications?

Fact 1

• Our goal is to “ Give the RIGHT medicine, at the RIGHT time, at the RIGHT price to the RIGHT people”

Fact 2

• There is massive misuse of medicines which causes ill rather than better health

Fact 3

• Safer alternatives to restricted/banned agents are widely available

How safe are the available OTC
pain medications?



NSAIDS (Aspirin)

( Ibuprofen)


• May cause stomach irritation and bleeding
• Those under 18 should not take aspirin because of the risk of developing Reye Syndrome

• Can irritate the stomach lining and increase the risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers.
• Some medications, smoking, and drinking alcohol can increase this risk.

• Increased risk of serious and sometimes fatal heart and blood vessel problems (eg, heart attack, stroke). Risk may be greater if you already have heart problems or if you take it for a long time
• May cause an increased risk of serious and sometimes fatal stomach ulcers and bleeding

Ibuprofen safety data

• Meta-analysis of 12 case-control and cohort studies of the risk of admission for peptic ulcer complications associated with NSAIDs (Henry et al, 1996).

– Ibuprofen was associated with the least risk of serious upper gastrointestinal complications;

• Based on the comprehensive review and analyses of available data, although ibuprofen is the safest of the NSAIDs there appears to be a dose-related risk for GI and renal adverse events. However, at OTC doses of 1200 mg/day or less, the risks appear negligible

International Ibuprofen Foundation 2002


How safe are the available OTC
pain medications with Propyphenazone?



(with paracetamol
and caffeine)

• Pyrazolone derivatives which include aminophenazone, metanizole sodium, phenylbutazone and propyphenazone have been associated with serious
adverse effects. Since safer alternatives are available, some regulatory authorities have withdrawn or restricted their use.

•Increasing case reports on anaphylaxis; this leads to concern because it is available as OTC medication

Drug-associated Anaphylaxis

Drugs frequently associated with anaphylaxis wereglafenine, combination preparations with PROPYPHENAZONE, diclofenac, dextran, ibuprofen,floctafenine, allergen extracts, sulfamethoxazole with trimethoprim.

Drug associated anaphylaxis: 20 years of reporting in the Netherlands (1974-1994) and review of literature Clinical and Experimental Allergy

Reports of Anaphylaxis on Propyphenazone

Odds ratio for anaphylactoid reactions on the combination

Anaphylactic shock and anaphylactoid reaction

Propyphenazone 18.2 (10.6 -31.3)

Paracetamol 1.4 (1.2-1.6)

Caffeine 0.8 (0.1-5.7)

Lareb database
Netherlands Pharmacovigilance Center


• Regulatory actions :

– 9 countries took some sort of regulatory action
– 4 countries banned the product
– 5 countries have made some restrictions

• May affect the liver if dose used is inappropriate

Is paracetamol safe?

• On Paracetamol and liver injury:

– There are only slight increases in liver transaminases (0.4%-1%) after intake of therapeutic doses of Paracetamol
– Acute supratherapeutic paracetamol ingestion and hospitalization for acute toxicity and poisoning remain low
– Paracetamol-induced acute liver failure is mostly due to overdose ( unintentional - 48%; intentional - 44%) and not due to therapeutic doses

Pharmacotherapy. 2007 Sep; 27(9): 1219-30

Recognizing the
Paracetamol ADVANTAGE:

First used clinically by Von
Mering in 1893.

Called the non-aspirin pain

Marketed in US – 1950; in
UK- 1956

Paracetamol has no significant action on COX1, thus its freedom from Gastrointestinal side effects

Over the counter status (OTC) in the US since 1955

Recognizing the
Paracetamol ADVANTAGE:




Three randomized, multicenter, double-blind, single-dose, placebo-controlled studies have been conducted by McNeil , which evaluated the efficacy of acetaminophen in the tension headache model.

Post-Oral Surgery Pain, Episiotomy pain, Orthopedic Surgery Post-Immunization Muscle Aches and Pain Sore Throat

Adverse effects like hepatotoxicity may only be seen in:

Proven efficacy supported by evidence based studies

Acute Overdose; Receiving supratherapeutic doses & Appropriate Single dose given at less than 4 hour intervals

“The ease, range and availability of pain
medications has reached amazing levels in
the 21st century. BUT, more than a little old
fashioned CAUTION is called for in the
consumption and recommendation of these

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Partners on a Nine-year Awareness Drive by EJACC

The Eduardo J. Aboitiz Cancer Center (EJACC) of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) will hold the 9th Moonwalk: A Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness on Oct. 2 in observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. Moonwalk is an advocacy that aims to promote a collective effort in fighting breast cancer through a massive awareness campaign focused on the early screening and detection of breast cancer, such as observing monthly breast self-examination for women aged 20 years old and above. This event is organized in collaboration with the Cebu City Government, through Task Force Cancer of Cebu City, and other cancer support groups, such as KAHAYAG Network of Cancer Support Group, I CAN SERVE Foundation Inc., Cebu Cancer Fight Inc., Cebu Breast Association, and CAN with GOD. Sponsors of the event are Goldilocks, She Matters, Destiny Medical Fund Inc., I Can Serve, Rotary Club of Cebu-Fuente, and Department of Health Region 7. The assembly area will be at Plaza Independencia at 4 p.m. followed by a short program. Participants will then walk towards Fuente Osmeña Circle at 5 p.m. Half of the lane of the entire Osmeña Boulevard, from Plaza Independencia to Fuente Osmeña Circle, will be closed from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The event is open to the public. Participants are encouraged to wear pink shirts or any pink costume. For more information on Moonwalk and EJACC and its services, please contact 254- 6351 and look for Gina Mariquit, or visit or

How Breast Cancer Screenings Can Save Lives

Screening remains the primary defense available to women against contracting breast cancer. “Breast cancer screenings are very beneficial for women. These examinations should be periodically done by women even if they are not suspected of having breast cancer. There will be more lives saved if more women will take advantage of these screenings,” Ronald delos Reyes, program coordinator of Eduardo J. Aboitiz Cancer Center (EJACC) of Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI), disclosed. EJACC continues to advocate the prevention of breast cancer through screening, more strongly so during October, which is declared Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when the cancer center will hold the annual “Moonwalk: A Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness”. 

This year, Moonwalk will gather hundreds of participants in pink costumes on Oct. 2 and walk together from Plaza Independencia to the Fuente Osmeña Rotunda. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths among Cebuano women, based on EJACC’s Metro Cebu Population-based Cancer Registry. Delos Reyes added that men are not exempt from contracting the disease.

 EJACC records women aged 50-54 years old are the ones most likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2003-2007, there are 657 deaths out of the 1,349 breast cancer cases. “Breast cancer screening means checking a woman's breasts for cancer before there are signs or symptoms of the disease. This can help detect cancer at an early stage. When abnormal tissue or cancer is found early on, it is easier to treat,” Delos Reyes explained. 

There are three periodic examinations that are employed to screen the breast for cancer. These are monthly breast self-examination (BSE), annual clinical breast examination (CBE), and annual mammography. Beginning in their 20s, women should do breast self-exam. This examination enables women to be familiarized with their breasts for lumps, changes, or abnormalities in shape or size of the breast, in the armpit area and other areas of the breast. “Breast self-exam can be easily performed while during bath time. 

One can discover breast lumps when their skin is moist. Do small circles in up and down pattern in the surrounding area of your breasts by applying light and firm pressure over each area,” he said, pointing out that changes in color and texture of the skin and nipple should also be checked. Some other things that should be noted during BSE are swelling, nipple pulling inward, nipple discharge (not breast milk), and unusual pain in the breasts. He said that BSE should be performed five to 10 days after the monthly menstruation period. To those women who no longer have monthly periods, they can do the examination any time of the month.

 On the other hand, when women reach the age of 40, an annual CBE should be done by a trained and healthcare professional. “The annual CBE is a good time for women to learn the proper technique to examine their breasts, ask questions regarding their health, and note any changes or abnormalities,” he said. Annual mammography, on the other hand, should be done at the age of 40 and above. A mammogram is a low dose X-ray of the breast used to detect abnormalities, including those too small for you or your doctor to feel or see. All women are at risk of developing breast cancer, he pressed. “Simply being a woman is the main risk factor for developing breast cancer. This is because of the female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, which can promote breast cancer cells,” he said. 

He added that those women who have had early menstruation (before the age 12), those who went through late menopausal (after age 55), and women who have not had children or who had their first child after the age of 30 have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. The increase in risks may be due to a longer lifetime exposure to the hormones, estrogen, and progesterone

. “Seventy percent of the newly diagnosed breast cancer cases in Metro Cebu were found in the later stage of the disease. As the cases of breast cancer is becoming higher in number, the best option and the primary prevention is periodic screenings,” he said. (By Chrisley Ann Hinayas/Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.)

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Colds and Flu and How manage it the Natural Way


If you're like most people, you know the symptoms of the common cold all too well ,Headache. Stuffy nose. Cough. Fever. Itchy eyes. Sore throat. Muscle aches are signs and symptoms caused by any one of hundreds of different viruses. Spending much annually on doctor visits and cold remedies (everything from tissues and vitamin C to over-the-counter decongestants and herbal teas), there is no cure for the common cold the body has to rely on its own natural defenses.

What Happens then?
During a cold,
virus particles penetrate the mucous layer of the nose and throat and attach themselves to cells there. The viruses punch holes in the cell membranes, allowing viral genetic material to enter the cells. Within a short time, the virus takes over and forces the cells to produce thousands of new virus particles.

In response to this viral invasion, the body marshals its defenses: The nose and throat
releasechemicals that spark the immune system; injured cells produce chemicals calledprostaglandins, which trigger inflammation and attract infection-fighting white blood cells; tiny blood vessels stretch, opening up space to allow blood fluid (plasma) and specialized white cells to enter the infected area; the body temperature rises, enhancing the immune response; and histamine is released, increasing the production of nasal mucus in an effort totrap viral particles and remove them from the body.

While colds are here to stay -- for now -- you don't have to be totally at their mercy because there are some safe home remedies to ease your symptoms once you're sick.

1. Chicken soup. is a time-honoured remedy that is tried, tested and true. Chicken soup stops certain white blood cells (neutrophils) from congregating and causing inflammation, preventing large amounts of mucus from being produced. The hot soup also thins the mucus. Adding freshly chopped garlic to your soup gives the system a powerful boost. While garlic kills germs outright, it also appears to stimulate the release of natural killer cells, which are part of the immune system’s arsenal of germ-fighters. Spike your soup with red (chili) pepper flakes to increase the broth’s decongestant power.

2. Drink as much water as you can—eight or more 250 mL glasses—to keep mucous membranes moist and to help relieve dry eyes and other common flu symptoms. Fluids also help thin mucus so that it’s easier to expel.

3. For a sore throat remedy, fill a 250 mL glass with warm water, mix in one teaspoon ofsalt and gargle away. The salt really does soothe the pain.

Add a squeeze of lemon juice to a glass of warm water for the more traditional sore throat gargle. This creates an acidic environment that’s hostile to bacteria and viruses.

4. Breathe easy with steam. Pour just-boiled water into a large bowl. Drape a towel over the top of your head to trap the steam, and breathe in through your nose for five to 10 minutes. Don’t lower your face too close to the water or you risk scalding your skin or inhaling vapours that are too hot. To make steam inhalations more effective, add five to 10 drops thyme oil or eucalyptus oil to the water. Keep your eyes closed as you breathe in the steam, since both essential oils and steam may irritate your eyes. On the go? Dab a few tissues with eucalyptus oil and hold them under your nose whenever you feel congested.

5. A dose of garlic—a natural antiseptic—will do a job on those viruses. If you’re feeling very brave, hold a small clove or a half-clove of garlic in your mouth and breathe the fumes into your throat and lungs. If it gets too strong as the clove softens, just chew if up quickly into smaller pieces and swallow with water.

6. ginger tea with lemon and honey this tea not only gives relief, but also works on stimulating your immune system and warms you up Well.

lemon is high in Vitamin C. It is also full of phytochemicals

Ginger and honey are also well documented to help the immune system.

Here’s what you do: (you may need to experiment with amounts to get the taste that suits you)

1. Fill up your teakettle and get it boiling.

2. Meanwhile, grate a one-inch piece of fresh ginger root.

3. Get a quart thermos out..

4. Put the ginger in the thermos.

5. Put a dash of lemon juice in the thermos. A dash is about 4 tablespoons. Actually, it's less of a dash and more of a small splash. :)

6. Add a dash of honey to taste .

7. When your water is boiled, pour it in the thermos.

8. Cover it up and let it sit for 20 minutes.

9. Strain into a tea cup and enjoy!

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New Flawless Cebu Facial

The country’s leading clinic for face, body and aesthetic services just marked another milestone as Flawless unveils its new look to residents of the Queen City of the South.

Five years after it debuted, Flawless Cebu, underwent a major make over to sport the chain’s modern and style-forward look. All these in the name of improving the experience and quality of service it offers to Cebuanos.

“Since it opened back in December 2007, our Cebu clinic remains to be one of our best performing clinics,” explains Ms. Rubby Sy, owner and CEO of Flawless. “And as a show of gratitude and appreciation to all Cebuanos for their continued patronage, we thought of updating its look and feel, it being our third largest clinic to date.”

Situated on the second level of SM City Cebu, the clinic boasts on its warm yet modern interiors, accentuated by the brand’s signature pink tones. In its lobby majestically hangs a custom-made chandelier that tastefully complements the well-lit display of the brand’s popular local and imported beauty products. Its windows are clad with its renowned celebrity endorsers, while the treatment area hosts a series of beds that sits spaciously apart from each other, and houses some of the most advanced aesthetic machines in the country.

Powered by skin professionals, Flawless main thrust lies in its people—it is one of the few brands in the country that has an acclaimed roster of aestheticians and duly licensed doctors in all its clinics.

“We strive to provide everyone with high quality products and services that are borne out of extensive medical research,” adds Sy. “We really take our business seriously. All the solutions that we provide are at par with those offered by top clinics in the United States, Europe, and Asian countries.”
Founded on the premise of providing Filipinos with accessible world-class aesthetic solutions, Flawless bridges the gap between quality yet affordable products and treatments closer to more Filipinos. The mall-based franchise is now open to franchising to reach out to more patients in need of budget friendly yet superior skin care only from the professionals.

Today, the brand has over 30 strategically-placed clinics nationwide, with two upcoming openings, Davao and CDO, by the end of the year. To find out more about the Flawless’ products and services, you may call (032) 238-9605 or visit You can also like them on Facebook at FlawlessFaceandBody, and follow them on Twitter at myFlawless.

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Philippines Hit by Earthquake Magnitude 7.9 | Map and Details

An earthquake just hit the Philippine Island.

Here are the details.

Earthquake Details

  • This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
Location10.828°N, 126.677°E
Depth34.9 km (21.7 miles)
Distances94 km (58 miles) E of Sulangan, Philippines
106 km (65 miles) ESE of Guiuan, Philippines
161 km (100 miles) ESE of Borongan, Philippines
174 km (108 miles) NE of Surigao, Philippines
Location Uncertaintyhorizontal +/- 13.7 km (8.5 miles); depth +/- 5.8 km (3.6 miles)
ParametersNST=486, Nph=486, Dmin=433 km, Rmss=1 sec, Gp= 14°,
M-type=regional moment magnitude (Mw), Version=9
  • Magnitude: USGS NEIC (WDCS-D)
    Location: USGS NEIC (WDCS-D)
Event IDusc000cc5m

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SKECHERS Cebu Sale brings brighter days with bigger savings

Don’t let the weather dampen your style and spirit as August brings the most
formidable rain showers to the Visayas region. Enjoy big savings during the
SKECHERS Month-long Sale happening on August 1 to 31, 2012 at selected

Whether you buy GO Run shoes for Dad, a pair of Tone Ups for Mom or the
coolest BOBS for the teens, SKECHERS will surely keep everyone’s feet happy
and hip with their latest line of lifestyle and performance footwear. Don’t miss the
chance to avail big discounts up to 50% off on selected styles.

Catch the sale at the following venues: Bohol Quality Mall, Gaisano Kalibo,
Gaisano Tacloban, Gaisano Ormoc, SM Bacolod, SM Delgado and all
SKECHERS concepts stores nationwide. Visit SKECHERS’ concept store in the
Visayas at Level 2, Active Zone at Ayala Center Cebu for a wide selection of
footwear at discounted prices.

SKECHERS is a billion-dollar global leader in the lifestyle footwear industry and
a high-performance shoe brand founded in 1992. The company develops and
markets footwear that appeal to trend-savvy men, women and children.


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