Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Passion and Commitment Essential in Community Development Work

After completing a degree in computer science, Jenny Tan is equipped to work in the
area of information technology where the pay and career growth are promising.

However, Tan went a different way; she decided to build her niche in community
development far from operating systems of computers. She works for a foundation as a program

"After graduation, I was discerning where my heart is, where I will be happy. I know
community development is where I belong. I decided to apply as a program assistant at Dilaab
Foundation,” Tan said in Cebuano. Dilaab Foundation is a volunteer-driven, Church-based
movement for a transformed Filipino nation through heroic Christian citizenship.

She is one of the guests at Pagtuki, the official radio program of the Ramon Aboitiz
Foundation Inc. (RAFI), last Saturday. Pagtuki is aired every Saturday at dyLA 909 KHz, 10-11

Tan cited her passion in community building as the reason she has been involved in
social development for the past three years already.

“My friends asked me why I am still at Dilaab Foundation. It is because I feel the sense
of belongingness in a way that I belong to a community I am able to help. Each time I witness
the impact of our projects, I feel a sense of fulfilment that I could not explain. This is the thing I
would like to do for the rest of my life,” she said.

Mileesa Lumanog, recruitment in-charge of human resource team of RAFI, said that the
interest and passion to serve are very important factors in working in community development.

Aside from skills and competencies, she pointed out that they would also consider the
character and attitude of an applicant.

“If all he or she has are skills but the commitment is not there, he or she will not be able
to last in the work that involves serving various communities,” she said.

Lumanog added that social development is also a good venue for personal and
professional growth because of in-depth exposure in community work.


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