Tuesday, May 28, 2013

UNILAB IDEAS POSITIVE Grand Prize Winner. A team of nursing students called Team WAYA

From West Visayas State University in Iloilo bagged the grand prize in the first national run of Unilab Ideas Positive, a social marketing competition for community health and wellness. Team WAYA’s “Tahong  for Life” program reduced the cases of diarrhea in Sitio Pang pang, Dumangas, Iloilo City from 70 in  May 2012 to zero in January to April 2013 through teaching hygiene and sanitation practices to families doing de-shelling of mussels. Their program also improved the community’s cleanliness and the families’ livelihood.

Composed of  Michael Dela Peña, Hannah Dolduco, Alfred Dicto, Rexell Ela and Charibel San Pedro, the team took home P60,000 cash prize, a trophy, medals, plus a social marketing training sponsored by Unilab.  Joining them in the photo are: Senior Vice President for Unilab Corporate Affairs and Executive

Director of Unilab Foundation Rhodora Palomar-Fresnedi (extreme left), Assistant Vice President for Corporate Affairs and Communications Director of Unilab Foundation Jose Antonio Mapa (third from right) and Unilab Ideas Positive Project Lead Barry Barrientos (extreme right); and panelist and former dean of the College of Social Work and Community Development in UP Dr. Angelito Manalili (second

from right). To know more about Team W.A.Y.A’s project outcomes and the other winning teams, visit www.facebook.com/Unilab.IdeasPositive.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

SheMatters Support Cervical Cancer Awareness

Every 2 minutes, a woman dies of cervical cancer. It is the second most common disease among Filipino women, next to breast cancer.

Cervical cancer is an ongoing challenge for all women regardless of age, race and status. However, its impact on victims, survivors, and families in Philippine society – and the fact that this cancer is preventable, are not widely known. Why is this? Denial and the lack of knowledge and resources are among the main reasons that suppress women to take action in combating cervical cancer. There is a need for a shift of consciousness among women and changes in behavior and mindset for all genders.

Facts About Cervical Cancer
- It is the 2nd most common cancer among Filipino women today
Cervix is located in between the uterus and the vagina
Due to misconception nobody wants to talk much about the disease.
- HPV 16 & 19 Human Papilloma Virus infection is the cause
- HPV is very common. 80% of women will likely get it once in their lifetime. But both men and women will not know they have it. And to most women, HPV clears on its own. To some, they stay later on develops into cervical cancer if not detected and treated early on.
- It is sexually transmitted. Men passes it on to women through sexual intercourse, without knowing it. Plus, there is no HPV test for men.
- Early cervical cancer usually DOES NOT show any symptoms
- Early detection is prevention. When detected early, cervical cancer is treatable.
- Hava a Pap Smear & Ensure your cervix is healthy

A Cebu based non profit organization She Matters Cervical Cancer Foundation Inc.(SMCCFI) with its founder Emee Y. Aquino launch a awareness campaign about Cervical cancer and how to prevent it.


We are committed to raise awareness among men and women about cervical cancer and to promote self care for all women at risk.


We envision a country where women live healthy lives, free and protected from cervical cancer.

Though I am a guy, I learned a lot about cervical cancer like you can prevent it by just performing Paps mear once a year and keep a healthy lifestyle like eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, also avoid smoking and excessive drinking.

The biggest factor probably in preventing detection of cervical cancer is having the right attitude in approaching the checkup like being shy to perform test or just plain "bahala" Filipino character in which they will just ignore it and put the rest to destiny and fate.

Also the perspective of people when they see one that has cervical cancer as a bad person with many partners that resulted to the disease.

If you want to help and volunteer regarding Cervical Cancer Awareness, you can visit http://shematters.com.ph for more information

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cebu Motorists to Brace for Heavier Traffic on Monday

As repairs on the First Mactan-Mandaue Bridge will start on Monday 25 February 2013, motorists going to or coming from Lapu-Lapu City are advised to brace for heavy traffic.
The Department of Public Works and Highways will implement the repair of the first bridge and the Marcelo Fernan Bridge in 70 days.  But the works on the two bridges will not be done simultaneously.
Phase one of the repair of the first bridge, which  will cover the left side of the first lane will be from February 25 to March while the second phase, which is the repair of the left side of the second lane, will be from March 5 to March 12.
Repairs on the Marcelo Fernan Bridge will start on March 13 and is expected to be done by May 21.
Engr. Eda de Guzman, chief of the Maintenance Section of DPWH-Sixth Engineering district said that if the weather cooperates, the number of days for the repair of the two bridges will be lesser.
The repair includes removal and replacement of asphalt pavement including the repair and replacement of extension joints.
Motorists will not be allowed to enter the old bridge during the repair and have to take the Marcelo Fernan Bridge

Monday, February 25, 2013

Filipino Physical Activity Guide for Everyone

Below is a guide that could help YOU and/or your Team Mates plan on your Physical activities.

On each activity you will find calories burned per minute per kilogram of your Body weight ( example : . The Day to Day activities such as Taking the stairs instead of the elevator , taking stretch breaks are recommended since we spend almost half of the day at work. Not only  they are easy, accessible and convenient to everyone but more so if done daily/habitually for even 10 minutes at a time will provide metabolic efficiency by increasing your total energy expenditures. And if you want to lose more weight  ...On top of your day to day activities Add any of theRegular Activities such as Yoga , Aerobic Dancing/ Zumba , Jogging & Brisk Walking etc. which our Wellness Club offers.

It's time to get rid of of that sedentary lifestyle that increases our chance of becoming overweight and developing chronic diseases and start with being Physically Active and Be A Healthy Workforce .


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